Pieces From The Heart - Breda McDonald

Pieces From The Heart - Breda McDonald


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Pieces From The Heart - Breda McDonald

My wish is that you will find some small message of hope or healing as you read through the pages. I hope you enjoy reading these "Pieces" as much as I enjoyed writing them. They are presented in the order as they came to me. They are a gift to me to pass on. I acknowledge the sacred space I entered during my writing and the hand that held mine as the words danced across the pages. I am humbled to be the one to bring this book to life. I am blessed.

Breda McDonald


The rain is battering my window pane
And the wind is howling as if in great pain,
The day has been swallowed up by the dark,
The winters arrived to leave her mark.
This season has come, without a care
And I look for warmer clothes to wear.
To ease the chill of the bitter cold,
As I watch the changes begin to unfold.
The trees have finished their Autumn dance,
They now stand tall, naked to glance.
Their garments spread across the ground,
A carpet of colours displayed around.
The dark grey clouds flutter by,
In a dull unwelcoming, dreary sky
And down below where softly they lie,
The flowers and leaves curl up and die.
Yes, winter's arrived, thru the woods we go,
Plodding along knee deep in snow
And all the while I reminisce about when; spring time will come around again



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