Organic Dark Agave Syrup 250ml

Organic Dark Agave Syrup 250ml


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Biona Organic Dark Agave Syrup 250ml

What is Agave Syrup?

Agave syrup, or nectar, is a sweetener produced from several species of agave, including Agave tequilana and Agave salmiana. Agave syrup is sweeter than honey and tends to be less viscous. It is 1.4 to 1.6 times sweeter than sugar and is often substituted for sugar or honey in recipes. In cooking it is commonly used as a Vegan alternative to honey. Agave syrup dissolves quickly and so it can be used as a sweetener for cold beverages, such as Iced Tea. It is also added to breakfast cereals as a binding agent.

Rich and mellow, low GI sweetener squeezed from Mexican agave plants.

Nutritional Information:

per 100g

Energy: 1275KJ/305Kcal

Fat: <0.1g, of which Saturates: <0.1g

Carbohydrate: 75g, of which Sugars: 75g

Protein: <0.1g

Salt: <0.1g

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