Lilly's Concentrated Tea Tree Toilet Cleaner 750ml

Lilly's Tea Tree Toilet Cleaner


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Lilly's Concentrated Tea Tree Toilet Cleaner 750ml

Safe for you septic tank! Lilly's Toilet Cleaner comes with an easy to use angle-jet spray cap that helps to get the product at those nasty areas under the rim.  The natural and effective Tea Tree Oil acts like an air freshener whilst sanitizing the toilet and the acidity of the Natural Vinegar effectively tackles the limescale. Lilly’s Toilet Cleaner is scientifically proven 99.9% antibacterial.

Directions For Use:

Squirt around your toilet bowl and under the rim, let it take effect (if you want!), brush and flush. Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil are very effective sanitizers against a broad range of bacteria but harmless to your septic tank.

Ingredients List:

>30%water, <5% anionic surfactants*, <5% non-ionic surfactants*, <5% amphoteric surfactants*, vinegar, table salt, citric acid, tea tree essential oil, preservative, plant extracts .

*derived from coconut, wheat & sugar compounds

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