Coconut Sugar 250g

Organic Coconut Sugar 250g


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Iswari Organic Coconut Sugar 250g



Low GI

Gluten Free

Coconut Sugar is a healthy, low glycemic (GI 35) alternative to sugar, produced from the very blossoms of Indonesian coconut flowers. The nectar is hand harvested by native farmers who climb the tall trees to collect the rich sap, and then return to the villages where local women evaporate it to produce sugar crystals. Considered to contain minerals and vitamins, including B Vitamins, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc and Iron, Coconut Sugar is a truly guilt free, healthy way to keep your treats sweet. 

List of ingredients:

100% Coconut Sugar*

*certified organic ingredient

Nutritional information:

Per 100g

Energy: 1569KJ/383kcal

Fat: 1.5g of which saturates: 1.0g

Carbohydrate: 96.6g of which sugars: 95.8g

Fibre: 0.8g

Protein: 1.67g

Salt: 0.4g

Iron: 72.0mg

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