Upcycled Newspaper Gift Bags

We wouldn’t be very eco-friendly if we handed out plastic single-use bags in our Gorey Store, now would we? Even when you bring your own shopping bags, there are times when you need just one more. So we had to find out how to make sustainable homemade gift bags.

Of course we also want to join in with our own upcycling initiatives, like those outlined in our other Upcycling pages. And so, the research into natural materials and methods began, followed by lots of trial and error. Until finally - the bags we are happy for you to have.

We discovered that we could make a totally biodegradable paper bag, that is also delightful and so natural that you could put it in your compost after use. Just from these simple, eco-friendly, plant-based materials.  

  1. Newspaper
  2. Recycled tape
  3. Biodegradable twine
  4. Nontoxic glue (Recipe)

We filmed our first attempts. The eco-friendly materials mentioned didn’t arrive in time for the filming, but we had borrowed the camera equipment so we went ahead. We hope you watch, like, try and share it. Happy upcycling!