Eco-friendly Community and School Projects

The old environmentalist slogan "Think Global, Act Local" still has a simple but potent message. We believe in the power of local communities of all ages to make changes. 

We also support raising awareness through Education to any age group. Happily for the planet, many children and teenagers are instinctively drawn to positive earth-friendly action, whether in the community or through school eco-friendly projects or Green School Initiatives. There really is something to interest everyone, whether it relates to Climate Change, Biodiversity and Organics, Water Conservation and Energy Saving, Litter and Upcycling Waste, Sustainable Travel etc. The story of the Eco-briquettes produced by students from St Peter's College, Wexford below is just one example.

If you are interested, whether as a school student, teacher or facilitator please get in touch at and we will be glad to help out.  And please check out our 10 Eco-friendly Tips for a Greener School Day for ideas and links to other useful websites.


Realising the potential of the waste that their school produces, three enterprising students from St. Peter’s College, Wexford launched their own business to exploit this resource.

James Boland, Daniel Carroll and Rian O’ Neill are manufacturing and selling eco-friendly briquettes.

Using sawdust from the woodwork room and discarded newspapers, they mould them together to form a rectangular briquette. Eco-friendly laundry bleach is used in the process to minimise the amount of smoke produced during burning. Each briquette has a burn time of 40-50 mins.

The eco-briquettes are being sold in bales of six and are retailing at €3.50, all proceeds are returned directly to the students.

For every bale that is sold through Smallchanges retail shop, the students have generously decided that 50 cent will be donated to the Irish Cancer Society.