What is Upcycling anyway?

A pretty ingenious way to reduce Waste, which appeals to the frugal, thrifty and greenliving amongst us. Stuff that appears useless and ready for the bin may be transformed into something useful and more valuable than in its previous life. With a bit of imagination, and thinking twice before disposal, we can renew, repurpose and extend the life of all kinds of objects. 

Peadar sanding cable reel

Beautiful upcycled Cafe table

We used one of these upcycled cable reels as a stand for our Refill Station. It looked good. When we expanded the Cafe area, we realised that they would make great tables too. So, if you come to our Gorey shop you can check them out for yourself - they work ergonomically and there is no compromise made for comfort or style! 


Newspaper Bag featuring Llama suits Quinoa!We also think our upcycled Newspaper Giftbags are a good example. Yes, the newspaper could have been recycled. But that would involve transport and processing, whereas we kept it, redesigned it and found a much better use for it by giving free bags to our Gorey customers for Christmas shopping. Natural, ethical and cute with it. Read more...

Sarah Rubin runs Childrens Art clubBeing an ecoshop, naturally we reuse the packaging that comes in when we are packing orders for our online customers. Our Saturday Childrens club is full of resourceful next-generation Upcyclers who avail of our spare materials, and bring their own from home, to use in the most creative low-impact ways.

If you are into Upcycling – as a crafter, artist, designer or other inventive Upcycler maybe we can help you out? If you use eco-friendly methods and materials in your work but don't have a web presence we may be able to promote your work on our website, or in our shop in Gorey, Co Wexford. We already provide space in our Gorey shop for showcasing samples of local eco-crafts and you can also check out our page featuring local Upcycling in Gorey work. 

If you would like us to promote you, please get in touch at and we will be glad to help out.