Ruth's Natural Skincare

Ruth’s Soap is handmade with love and care Ruth's very own workshop in Blackrock, Co Dublin, Ireland.

Ruth’s Soap is natural; it contains no nasty chemicals such as parabens, sulphates (SLS/SLES), pthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic colours or fragrance. For the scents, only 100% pure essential oils are being used.

Ruth’ Soap is vegan; most store bought soaps contain tallow (animal fat) which would be listed in the ingredients as sodium tallowate.

Ruth’s Soap is Palm oil free; The production of Palm oil fuels massive deforestation and endangerment of orangutan’s.

Ruth’s Soap is Cold Process; After the initial melting of the oils and mixing of lye, no external heat is added to the soap. This process means the soap takes several weeks to cure but ensures a much higher quality in the finished product, retaining natural goodness and moisturizing properties from the oils used.