Michael's Original

Ben and Nancy are the founders and owners of Michael's Originals. Nancy is from the Philippines and came to live in the UK when she was a child.  Ben is British and trained as a chef, briefly overlapping with Jamie Oliver when he was starting out at The River Cafe. After over 20 years of working in catering, he wanted a change of direction. Whilst visiting Nancy's family in the Philippines, he noticed how they used luffas as washing-up scourers. In fact luffas are grown as a vegetable and it is only when they go to seed that they become the tough items we are familiar with. They brought some luffas back with them after their visit, and sold them as washing-up pads in Brighton on the Sunday market. They sold well and on the strength of this contacted us about becoming their distributor. Following a few months of meetings in Brighton, everything was agreed and Ben and Nancy left for the Philippines for their new life as farmers. The products are named after their son, Michael.

Their products are plastic free - made from renewable plant fibres. Recyclable packaging. 100% Biodegradable. Durable and excellent value. Safe for you, your families, pets and environment. No animal testing or ingredients - 100% vegan.
Grown to organic standards. Loofah plants absorb Co2 when growing. Fair Trade. Only human and solar energy used. Provides work in an area where jobs are scarce and it maintains local craft skils in the Philippines.