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Going green when you cleanGoing green when you clean

Cleaning with eco-friendly  products can make a huge impact on your home, family and the environment. Many of the conventional cleaning products available today, contain harsh chemicals that can have disastrous effects. Even if you study their labels you can't be sure that you are being told the full story as certain chemicals can be classed as "trade secrets" and need not be disclosed.

Unfortunately, due to the chronic leakages in our water system, when these harmful chemicals are poured into our drains we have no way of knowing if they ever make to our local water treatment plant. This could result in the pollution of our land and causing untold devastation to our water basins.

We make sure that the ingredients of the products that we sell are naturally occurring substances,(plant/mineral/vegetable) that they are non toxic and bio degradable.

An other bonus of using eco-friendly cleaning products is that due to them being concentrated, you use less and end up saving money!