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We are a small team who care about the planet and believe in sustainability.  This ethos informs our everyday operations in many ways.  This is what we do in our everyday eco-friendly practices as a company:

  • The vast majority of packaging we receive is reused in the delivery of our customer orders.  If we cannot reuse it then we responsibly recycle it or use it in the up-cycle workshops we organise from time to time.
  • As individuals we are involved in growing our own vegetables or producing our own compost therefore we keep the in house waste that is suitable for composting thus avoiding waste going to the land fill. 
  • We only work with transport companies who have a credible environmental plan in operation:
  • By introducing measures such as a refill station, we give our customers the opportunity to reduce the amount of packaging that they use by allowing them to re-use their own plastic containers. 
  • Our pre-order scheme enables our customers to collect orders at our shop, saving road journeys.
  • We believe strongly in promoting the reuse, reuse, reuse, reuse and then recycle or upcycle principle.  
  • In the shop our customers are offered old boxes, rather than paper bags. 
  • Our printing is kept to a minimum and we dispose responsibly of ink cartridges. 
  • We are constantly looking at ways in which we can reduce our energy consumption.
  • We actively promote locally grown chemical free seasonal products by offering local growers free space in our shop.  All proceeds go back directly to the grower. 
  • We encourage educational activities in the shop and with the local community.  See (Eco Briquettes, Lad’s Shed or Little Bag of Cin for an example).  
We are always willing to make changes, however small, so if you have any suggestions please tell us.

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