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Portafilter with used Matthew Algie GAIA blend organic coffeeAs with everything we do in our business, we aim for Zerowaste, along with upcycling and reusing opportunities. Since we've opened our Coffee bar we've been looking for creative ways to reuse the coffee grounds. It is a plant-based resource and safe to use in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways. And of course ours is Triple certified (Organic, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance) so extra valuable.

Cleaning out the Fire

Cleaning out the cold ashes can be a horrible job when it raises a lot of dust. If you sprinkle used coffee grounds over the ashes first, it makes shovelling it out less messy. If you've only burned wood in your fire (and ecofriendly firelighters) you can then put the combined wood ash and coffee straight into your compost, or directly on to your soil.

Deodorise your Fridge

A small open container of used coffee grounds at the back of your fridge will absorb food odours. Just change it every few weeks and discard into your compost. So, long after enjoying your coffee it is still being used to sustain other forms of life. 

Hide Furniture scratches

This works for dark wood. Dip a damp cloth into the used grounds and gently rub along scratches. The tiny particles will lodge into crevices and stain the wood.

Make Antique look Paper

This can be used for all sorts of craft and paper projects when you'd like to get an Antique aging effect onto paper. Just put a few scoops of used coffee grounds into a roasting dish and pour boiling water over it. Let this mixture steep for awhile then check the colour and adjust if necessary. Lay your sheet of paper into the coffee bath and soak for as long as necessary - anything from 5 minutes. Carefully remove and peg on a line to dry, taking care not to tear it. If you crumple the paper before soaking, then straighten it out roughly and tear off a corner or two, the children can make a Pirate's Treasure Map.

Repel Ants and Slugs

Form a barrier around growing plants with used Coffee Grounds as another weapon in the battle against Slugs, Snails and Ants.

Keep your Plants happy - and your Hydrangeas Blue

Used Organic Coffee Grounds just made for SoilCoffee grounds contain acid. A scattering of coffee grounds around shrubs such as Hydrangeas, Azaleas, Camellias and Rhodedendrons will add acidity to the soil for these Acid-loving plants. The grounds also contain Nitrogen, Potassium and Magnesium which are essential for healthy soil so will boost those mineral levels. Our coffee is Organic so doesn't add any nasty substances to the soil - Hey it even looks like soil!

Scrub your hands

This is good after working in the garden. The Coffee Grounds are abrasive so can be used as a hand scrub for dirty hands. Or you can mix them with Coconut Oil for a full body exfoliation - smells delicious but rinse well!




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