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Logo for Organic Food FederationSoil Association Certified Organic LogoWhat sets us apart is the rigorous standards we apply in selecting and pricing our stock. You can rest assured that every product we sell undergoes a huge amount of research before it makes it onto our shelves. We examine the claims that are made about it, who manufactures it and where. In the case of organic food products, we will only stock products that are certified by a body that we have confidence in e.g. Organic Soil Association, The Organic Food Federation.

Questions Questions QuestionsIn order to ensure that we can be fully confident of certification bodies, we research what criteria they insist on, how they audit producers and suppliers and their policy of undeclared spot checks. We undertake this effort to ensure that we can stand over the efficacy of every product that we stock. We also do this to ensure that no product sold in Smallchanges contains any genetically modified ingredients and that all products are produced in an ethically and sustainable fashion.

One of the core beliefs that Smallchanges has been founded on is the principle that nobody should be denied the opportunity to have a positive impact due to financial constraints. In accordance with this belief we go to great lengths to ensure that all our products are priced at an affordable and reasonable level. In order to achieve this we have established a wide network of suppliers, who we work with to ensure that we can source our products at the best price.

Affordability We have always and will continue to put a lower markup on products that people due to dietary needs have no option but to buy e.g. Coeliacs and Glutenfree products. When certain commodity prices rise, we will always seek to absorb these increases. If this is not possible we will seek out new suppliers for the effected products. Unfortunately this is not always possible but it is always as a very last resort that price increases are passed on to you, the Customer.

As a commercial enterprise we need to be profitable to survive. However we will never seek to maximise our profit margins through overcharging or underhand pricing strategies.

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