Fluoride in your Water

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Fluoride is well quoted for its role against tooth decay. But it is a chemical, and a controversial one at that.

Did you know that Ireland is the only European country left where Fluoridation is mandatory in our public water supplies? Yet rural dwellers with their own well have Fluoride-free water. So it is compulsory for town and city dwellers but not for the rest of the population.

It goes without saying that water must be treated to kill off harmful bacteria like e.Coli and parasites like Cryptosporidium before it reaches reach our taps. We all want to prevent dangerous diseases.

Fluoride is another matter. It is not necessary, and the way it is fed into the Irish population is random depending on your source of water.  Furthermore there is no provision or regulation of dosage for children vs. adults.

We believe that our water supply should be unadulterated, with no unnecessary additives. Also that you should have a chance to inform yourself about Fluoride - and a choice about using it.

Reducing your exposure to sugar and proper brushing is a much better way to prevent cavities, and has lots of other health benefits.

Tooth and Toothbrush

When we source Dental products we make sure they are free from Fluoride, SLS and artificial sweeteners and flavours. Instead you have natural flavours like Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, Fennel, Peppermint & Menthol.
And you can use them with a 100% Biodegradable Toothbrush!

You may have heard of The Girl against Fluoride - her website has more on her campaign to end Fluoridation in Ireland.

How Safe is our Drinking Water

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