Not sleeping well? 5 Natural Plant-based aids to a restful night

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As many as 1 in 5 of us in Ireland may not be sleeping well. Here are some natural plant-based aids to a restful night.

  1. Kiwi fruit – one US study said that 2 Kiwi fruit eaten an hour before bedtime for 4 weeks results in improved sleep onset, duration and efficiency in people who report sleep disturbances. Worth a try. Lettuce is also a traditional food remedy for relaxation.

  2. Millet contains Tryptophan, an essential amino acid that raises the serotonin level in your body and helps reduce stress. A cupful of Millet porridge at night can help you get sound and peaceful sleep. Try it with Sunflower Milk below.

  3. As a change from Chamomile, which is well known but not to everyone’s taste, we would recommend Pukka Organic Night-time tea. It contains Oat & Limeflowers as well as a smaller quantity of Chamomile.

  4. Inhaling the fragrance of blossoms such as Jasmine, Geranium and Lavender is good for relaxation and generating a feeling of serenity. The flowers of these plants are known for improving the quality of your sleep. Irish Brand Pebbles Boot uses Lavender and Geranium to make a Linen Powder to sprinkle in your pillow cases, and on sheets.

  5. Sunflower Seeds have a high Tryptophan to Protein ratio, a factor said to be beneficial for sleep. Its easy to make your own Organic Sunflower Milk

50g Organic Sunflower Seeds

600ml Water

Blitz Sunflower seeds with 200ml water in a Liquidiser or Processor, then add the remaining water and blitz again. 

And remember to make your bedroom nice and dark. This triggers the release of Melatonin to help you nod off. You could also try listening to 'Weightless' by Marconi Union, an 8-minute track that is said to be the most relaxing tune ever. 

   Sleep Well....yawn


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